Enjoy our tourism plans Pasto, Nariño y Ecuador:

Nariño Charming
Plan 3 days 2 nightsIncludes Pasto, lagoon of La Cocha, Sanctuary of Las Lajas

Nariño of Dream
Plan 4 days 3 nights  Lagoon of La Cocha

Natural Nariño
Plan 4 days 3 nightsInclude hiking in Pasto, volcano azufral, lagoon of La Cocha

The Mystic Nariño  Plan 5 days 4 nightsChurches and temples in Pasto

Ancestral Nariño
Plan 5 days 4 nightsAncestral Nariño

Nariño of Splendor
Plan 5 days 4 nightsInclude volcano Azufral, Sanctuary of Las Lajas, Lagoon of La Cocha

Best Nariño
Plan 6 days 5 nights The Best

Andino and Amazónico
Plan 6  days 5 nightsInclude Sandona, Lagoon of La Cocha, Hydrotherapy in Valley of Sibundoy

Plan Nariño & Ecuador
7 days 6 nightsTurismo en Nariño y Ecuador

Carnavales of Pasto
2019 - Enero 2 at 7
carnaval de Pasto



New Travel Plans that include bird watching, the great biodiversity of the natural reserve of La Planada and adventure.


 * Except Carnival in Pasto turisitico plan, all our plans are available at any time of year, you who program the date you want to visit. Are also fully customizable and apply for one or more people, if you want to know elsewhere in Nariño, or change the itinerary we can put together the plan to your needs, please contact us.

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